Brand Ethos

Slow fashion & the best fabrics

I have always valued beautiful fabrics, timeless design and sought to buy well and less often.    I spent much of my career working with big brands and in fashion  - increasingly ill at ease with the gap between my own values and the big brand push to sell more and new, inevitably compromising on quality to improve margins.  

We want our customers to look after their swimwear and to enjoy wearing the pieces for many seasons.    

 Limited production runs

There is nothing more joyless than seeing racks of the latest  trend or colourway on discount at the start of each summer.  Much of this will end up in landfill.   We place our orders thoughtfully – to avoid waste and to be able to respond nimbly to our customers’ feedback on the sizing, colours and design features that are wanted and appreciated.    This does mean that you may need to wait for product that isn’t in stock .   We are sorry if you have to wait but we think Émerjing is worth it.

 Joy, purpose, no stress

Going through cancer treatment shines a spotlight on your priorities.   My aim every day with Émerje, is to bring joy to the women who wear our pieces, to support them in feeling healthy, strong, and confident in their bodies.   We believe in working transparently and fairly with the team around us.   Our suppliers, our swimwear designer, our models and our photographer are all individuals with whom I share a human connection and who share this purpose to bring a little bit of joy to every day.    Life really is too short to do any different and it certainly is too short for stress.